About Us
Whether you wish for a home to your photography, a place where to bring your videos to life or maybe just a space where to hold a workshop, we have it ready for you! Only ten minutes away from the Old Town and the center of Bucharest (2 kilometers / 1.25 miles), our studio will provide you with an amazing space to foster all of your wild, maverick ideas. The 136 square meters (1463 square feet) studio has a well-lit, accommodating open area of 100 square meters (1.076 square feet). The high ceiling of 3.5 meters (11.5 feet) allows for flexibility in lighting and set arrangement, as do the two distinct shooting areas. The first area (7 by 4 meters / 23 by 13 feet) allows for complex scenography to be created, suitable for video production and all of your grand ideas. The second area is a classical studio space, with 2.75 meter (9 feet) backdrops in various colors. The studio is easily accessible from the courtyard, with large entrance. So if your project requires big set pieces, our studio is just the place you have been looking for. We were able to fit a king sized metallic bed frame, a custom chopper and a 4x4 off-road car into the studio and now we are looking for new challenges.



The space

We offer the perfect place for your project. The space is large, well-lit, properly equipped and easy to find. There is air conditioning, equipment and Liberty Center just across the street, a mall where you can do some last minute shopping before the shoot. It is easy to access and has a parking lot of its own.


We can help you find the best team for you. Do you need a model or quite a few models? Someone who could help you with creating the perfect set, a make up artist or a hair stylist? We are well connected to the local market and can put you in contact with the people that you might need for any aspect of your project.


The studio is owned by a well known international artist with a lot of experience in video production and photo projects of any kind (specializing in high end fashion photography for renowned magazines). If you might need a hand of help with your project, a second opinion or even a collaboration, that would be possible.
Studio features
  • Studio monolights, between 250 and 800 watts per second
  • Ring flash
  • Parabolic umbrella (focused, 2.2 meters)
  • Octagon softboxes (170 and 120 cm)
  • Strip softboxes
  • Light modifiers: grid beauty dish, grid Reflector (45 Degrees), fresnel spot
  • Boom stands and regular light stands
  • Reflectors and diffusion sheets


  • Smoke machine
  • Cooling fans
  • Balloon machine
  • Hair and makeup kits
  • Large wardrobe with clothes, shoes and accessories

Studio rental per hour - 30$

Studio rental for the entire day (8h) - 200$

We are open every day - 10.00 to 18.00